peacock iron orchid design stamp being sanded

Here is a great tutorial by the IOD gals on using the Pavo stamp along with some inks. Watch and see how the experts do it! 

"Do you remember using craft stamps and watercolors as a kid? Well, get ready to tap into your inner child and learn new ways to make art with stamps, inks and the IOD Sisters (that’s us!).

While you can make your own wall art, like we do here, there are so, so, SO many ways to use these stamp and ink techniques. You can incorporate them into all kinds of DIY home decor and craft projects. 

Now, get ready to have some fun and give yourself permission to play as you take this next step in your creative journey!

Watch the video below. If you prefer to read, keep scrolling down (but, you might still want to go back later and watch the video as these techniques are easiest to understand when seen in action). 

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July 09, 2020 — Valerie Beakes