Overcoming my fear of Mould

I have to admit I am a bit intimidated by the Iron Orchid Designs moulds. The whole smushing clay in or mixing resin has scared me off of them a bit. I did use the Amazing Resin and it made awesome cherubs and then today I used the DAS clay, while I await the new IOD clay, and it was fun! Not just fun, but addicting.

I want to tell you if you like perfect, smooth, and we defined in your project then definitely use resin. I wanted the look of old plaster moldings on my project, with little splits and areas that aren't perfect, so paper clay is what I used. The new moulds with the micro rim are really easy to use and the molded clay comes out easy. I didn't use any cornstarch and still they just plopped out in my hand. I quickly added Tite Bond adhesive to the back and put them on my panel. Since they were laying flat it didn't need additional securing. I layered pieces on top of each other and pressed the edges against the surface. Don't be too gentle with the attachment point, they can take more pressure than I thought so I was able to push them against the surface and get a good fit.

I will update with final pics once I add my final finish. 

Here is what I used so far.

Product list: 

Iron Orchid Designs Classic Cherub, Swag, and Fleur De Lis moulds 

Iron Orchid Designs Classic Bouquets transfer ( just one of 4 panels)

Dixie Belle Paint Sea Spray Texture

DAS paper clay

Tite Bond Quick and Thick Multi Surface Glue  

February 27, 2019 — BluebirdMercantile Admin