New Products for more crafting on the site!

We've added some additional products to use along with our Iron Orchid Designs moulds, clay, transfers, stamps, and new Wall Gallery art boards. 

amazing casting resin kitFirst is Amazing Resin this is the perfect product to make moulds with no cracks or imperfections. You mix both parts and pour into the mould. In about ten minutes it's  cured enough to un-mould.  Paint with your mould with paint and use waxes or other embellishments that you would use on our air dry clay.

My favorite product is the Liquid Gold Leaf. t's such a true gold color. Use a throw away brush. To edge a product use a sponge and dip it in the liquid leaf and run it around the edge with even pressure to make it look dipped in gold!            

The last product is a nice pallet of rub on metallics use this like you would colored waxes to highlight the ages of castings from your moulds, art on our gallery boards, or more!Craf-T metallic paint pallette


July 31, 2020 — Valerie Beakes