Mermaid table progress

Hi everyone! I wanted to pop on and say hello and share my latest project. 

It's an end table that I am using IOD moulds to make in to a Mermaid masterpiece!

I made the castings from the Sea Sisters, Laurel, Classic Elements, and Wings and Feathers moulds Lightly dusting the mould with cornstarch before filling with clay. I used one of the transfer rub on sticks to level the clay in the mould . The micro rim really makes the moulds come out clean and with a level back to attach them securely.  Once I made a casting I attach it to the side of the table with Tite Bond Quick and Thick glue, my favorite so far. I want an organic water swept look to the "coral" and "seaweed" I'm making. I bend the castings to show movement from the currents. Once attached with glue I used some painters tape to help hold them in place. To get the depth I layer the castings on each other, filling in with different shapes and sizes to look more real. I try to use three of a design in bits and pieces. Three shells, three laurel leaves, etc. but they can all be different sizes, not identical.

I will post again with the painting process. I layered paint and used metallic water colors to add depth. Splatters and a little texture to come. 


Valerie- Bluebird Mercantile

May 16, 2019 — BluebirdMercantile Admin