Hints and products that I use Vol 3

I know I love to tell you about products I like to use. It's the mom in me. I want to help everyone find these things that have helped me so much. My kids just nod their heads and say "yes, mom". 

If it helps you not waste time or money on products that I have already tested I want to pass that info along. Just click on the picture to buy.

For Stamping;

I love STAZON ink to help season my stamps. If you use the clear stamps you realize they can be kinda slippery. To give your stamps a little more traction sand them lightly with sandpaper. Then apply ink with a Stazon stamp pad. I usually use black, but any color will work. It's a solvent based ink and dries permanently. I love our IOD inks, they are permanent as well, but are a hybrid ink and work in a different way. Once you apply the ink just stamp on a piece of paper until the ink is about used up. Then let the stamp dry. It should dry and not come off when you re-ink.

Another favorite is Tite Bond Quick and Thick Glue. Love this for attaching castings from Iron Orchid moulds and WoodUBend items too. 


At Christmas one of my favorite quick projects is painting on little wood rounds for ornaments. I buy these in bulk and use them to make sets of ornaments or just cute little painted plaques. They also make cute coasters. 


Snow Men painted on wood slabs
I always use these kraft paper bags with handles. 
They are great for gift bags. You can decorate them with paint, stamps, transfers, stenciling! Let the kids make them. They are so versatile. If you have them on hand you can make a personalized gift bag whenever you need it. 

I think that's enough for now. Get these while they are still in stock before the holiday rush. 

The items are all listed with links to Amazon.I'm an affiliate and get compensated if you buy. Thanks!

January 17, 2022 — Valerie Beakes