Milk Paint by Fusion night swim blue milk paint on a dresser
  1. We just love this new paint line. Well, we love all things by Fusion, so we expected this to be great too.

I like the ability to mix a bit of paint or a lot. It's pretty easy to. Add water to a cup, and then add the same amount of paint powder. Stir well and apply. If you get a bit of grit just lightly sand between coats. You can mix colors, layer, use like a stain. The best part is once the water dries it's fully cured! In about 30 minutes it's as tough as can be.

When applied over old finish you can go heavier to make a more vintage look with cracks and chips. Or you can apply even layers, lightly sanding between each to achieve a smooth modern finish. I like using the Hemp Oil from our Fusion Mineral Paint line to add a top coat. It does need to be sealed to keep from staining with dirt or oils. You can use wax or our Stain and Finishing oil for a super durable top coat. We don't suggest using water based top coats because they tend to stay milky looking. 

The video will show you a little bit about applying Milk Paint by Fusion! 

January 17, 2023 — Valerie Beakes